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Does cyber begging work?

 Cyber begging or e-panhandling or e-begging or internet begging, are all the same name, and the concept is nothing new but to ask for money from strangers. Have you seen a beggar? They face some or the other financial problem in their life and thus sit in some corner of the road leaving all shame aside and ask for monetary help to ease a day or the problem in their life. However there are many of us who cannot just go out and beg because it is all about self-esteem and dignity and that is why the concept of cyber begging came into role.

Cyber begging is nothing but asking for monetary help from strangers using the internet and by hiding your real personal details, in this way you are able to beg for some money and also do not reveal your true identity thus saving your dignity and self-esteem. E-begging is a popular way of asking for financial help from people whom you do not know or have never met and will never meet. A PayPal address and the details of your problem along with reasons of how much financial help you want and by when is required and then your story would be posted too many such internet begging websites with numerous eyes to read it. Well, I must add in that do not keep too much expectations as at times this can turn you down also, so you might end up getting more help then what you expect and at times you end up getting nothing, do not be dishearten – keep trying. Ah!!! Before you try, make sure to read some of the pros and cons of e-panhandling as you need to be sure that you are posting your story in real websites where real people would read your problems.

SSince the birth of cyber begging it was observed that many came with problems which they are not facing, because one does not reveals the identity, hence it is a great way to earn something quickly even if you are not in need of the same. Generally those who fall under poor financial planning leading to non-payment of medical bills and debts are those who look for such financial help. It can be certain that you or a family member suddenly needs to be operated or the law sues for non-payment of debts and you need money to solve your problem. Taking advantage of non-revealing of identity many youngster have started making up fake stories about incurring debts and not able to pay utility or medical bills and fetch the attention of readers who unknowingly donate to them thinking of doing a good cause.

To get started the first thing you need to find is an internet begging website which lists down peoples who are in need of monetary help. These websites never charge any fees in terms of registration or helping get you donors, so beware of that, because if you find such sites then do note that they are fake sites. Once you have a website to post your problem, then you would need a PayPal address because that is how any donor over internet pay you money. PayPal is a safe and secure method which already has options for selecting donation when sending money to someone. Now you need to write a detailed story of your problem and also mention how much financial aid you would require and at the end your PayPal address where you would receive the donations. Your story is then converted into ads by these websites and sent to various other sites like those of casino or gambling, social networking and many others, those ads are posted in other sites and when someone clicks on it they read your problem, and if after reading someone thinks your problem is really genuine then they would donate.

Cyber begging really works – just be genuine.

Get out of credit card debt

Credit card debt is one common problem that people of all age group are facing these days.  College goers may take out the plastic money from their pocket and swipe it for several purposes if they’ve already spent the pocket money. Individuals who are in the 30s-50s have the habit of using the credit cards whenever they do not have sufficient money with them.

The retirees believe credit cards to be their only support when they face financial difficulties. This is because they cannot get a job anymore and thus, arrange for extra money with the help of credit cards. As such, it is seen that almost everyone is getting entrapped into card debt now-a-days. So, if you too, have mounted up enormous credit card debt and you want money to get rid of them, then you’ll have to find out suitable ways to earn more if your fixed income isn’t enough at all to do away with your debts.


Arranging for some extra bucks – A step ahead to get out of credit card debt


Are you facing credit card debt problems? If yes, then you need to know that you can solve your debt problems provided you really want to eradicate them. Read on to know how you may be able to arrange for some extra bucks and thus, get out of credit card debt.


  • Spend as per your planned budget – If you have fallen into debt, you’ll surely look for ways from where you can get more bucks. You should spend money as per the budget you have planned. Most people don’t do so and spend their dollars lavishly. Cut down all the needless expenses that you have made till date and buy only the most essential items. When you do so, you’ll not spend any extra money. Thus, you may use the extra money to eradicate credit card debt.


  • Use your spare time by making some side income - It may happen that your 9-5 job doesn’t provide you sufficient salary and this is the reason why you’re forced to use the credit cards too often. There are actually several jobs available that you can do during the spare time to boost your earnings. You may take up some online job if you want since these can be done at your home’s comfort. Make sure you choose the one you’re comfortable with so that you may be able to reduce debt burden soon.


  • Take out a suitable loan and eliminate the outstanding debts – If you are having too much outstanding debts and you do not understand how you’ll reduce them, you can take out a loan within your means. With the help of this loan, you will be able to repay the credit card bills sooner. Thus, once you become free from the clutches of credit card debt, you must work towards paying off the loan.


  • Do away with the needless expenditures you are making – When you purchase almost all the items even with a tight budget, then there is no doubt that you will have less money by the middle of every month. In order to avoid this situation, you will have to reduce the expenses that you’re making without need. When you do so, you will save some money. You can use this money for reducing the credit card debts that you have incurred.


  • Sell those items you will not require anymore – There may be several things at home that you do not use anymore. Instead of keeping them at home, it is a good idea to sell them off. Set a suitable price for the items you will not need and look for customers who are willing to buy them. Thus, you will be able to make some money. Use this money to pay off the debts you’ve accumulated.


Almost everyone is suffering from debt burden and credit card debt is the most common these days. If you have been staying awake all night thinking how you will manage with the card payments, make sure you go through the above-discussed steps. Your debt problems will get solved soon.



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Stefan Nill is a writer who loves to contribute with his works for the several financial websites. He handles financial problems of innumerable people and helps them get out of debt. Some of his valuable works are based on credit card debt, finance, budget and so on. To know more, you may visit


I Need Money For Payments to Become Debt Free

      Are you in love with your credit cards? How often are you using them to buy your necessities? You must not have even noticed it unless you found that your inbox has got filled up with several mails from the credit card companies. Are you getting calls from the creditors too often for the payments? Well, if you’re amongst those who are floating into the sea of enormous debt, then what are you thinking to do now? Debts unless managed on time becomes a burden for everyone and so, if you too have piled up huge debt, you must work on paying them off soon. Do you have sufficient savings? If yes, then you may use them to eradicate debt. If no, then you must look for suitable ways how you can make some money and in turn, use it to become debt free fast.

Some ways to earn extra money for payments and become debt free

  Worried about how you will eliminate the debts you have incurred? Why don’t you decide to look for some ways how you can earn extra money when you don’t have enough savings? Not all jobs will give you sufficient money and as such, think twice before choosing an option to make dollars. Have a look at some ways to make money for payments and come out of debt.

  • Search for a part-time job - How much do you earn from your full-time job? Is this really sufficient to fulfill your necessities? Well, the answer is certainly no which is why you’ve fallen into so much debt. So, how will you repay those debts you’ve already incurred? If you’re satisfied with your job and not earning a handsome salary, then you may search for a part-time job. This way, you’ll be able to make some extra money and use it to reduce your debt problems.

  • Sell the unused items at a good price – Are you having items in your home that you do not use anymore? Why have you kept them till now when you know that you’ll not need them? While planning to make money for paying off your outstanding debts, one great idea is to sell off the unused items you’re having at home. Fix a good price for them and find customers who are interested in buying them. Thus, you will be able to make some money. You may use this money and reduce your debts.

  • Reduce the unnecessary expenses- Do you buy every attractive thing you see around? Well, if you do so, then this is the reason why you’re falling short of cash every month. If your budget is tight, why don’t you reduce the unnecessary expenses you are making? When you do so, there is a possibility that you’ll be able to save at least some money every month. Thus, you may used the saved money to repay your debts.

  • Borrow money from your friends and relatives - Are you in good terms with your friends and relatives? If yes, then you may borrow money from them to pay off the debts you’ve accumulated. Talk to them and explain about your present financial condition due to which you have piled up so much debt. Give them the assurance that you’ll pay them back their money as soon as your finances improve by some extent. This way, you’ll be able to get money from your loved ones and at the same time, solve your debt worries.

  • Look for online money making options- Are you aware that you can make good bucks with the help of Internet? Thus, you can even utilize your spare time and use it in making some precious dollars with the different online money making options. Some ways to make money online are writing articles, doing data entry jobs, teaching students, taking part in surveys and so on. Thus, you may choose whichever online option you find the best for your situation and earn some money. Online money making options enable you to improve your income and use the money to eradicate debt.

If you are amongst those who have enormous debts, you will certainly have to look for some option to make extra money. Thus, by arranging money for payments, you will be able to become debt free soon.