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Make Money Fast

Today I will talk about the so called Make Money Fast scheme used long ago via regular mail by some crooks (nowadays via email) ! And about money scams in general to prevent you from being scammed . (So common in the internet)

Let´s see what says about it:

Make Money Fast (or MAKE.MONEY.FAST) is a title of an electronically forwarded chain letter which became so infamous that the term is now used to describe all sorts of chain letters forwarded over the Internet, by e-mail spam or Usenet newsgroups. In anti-spammer slang, the name is often abbreviated “MMF”.



In The following  Site we can find a very Detailed explanation on how this scheme works at the moment via internet (usually emails)

MAKE.MONEY.FAST and Other Internet Hoaxes

The Internet reaches millions of people all over the world, a huge market for people who want to make money, spread rumors, and simply be mischievous. Here’s your introduction to — and warning about — three of the most widely-known Internet hoaxes which never seem to die out.

“Hi, my name is Dave Rhodes . . . “

E-mail is the perfect way to send out chain letters, isn’t it? A few keystrokes will send ten of your closest friends this most famous of Internet scams: the MAKE.MONEY.FAST chain letter. Send it to your close friends, though, and you may end up with some very close enemies, instead!

Dave Rhodes assures you that this scam worked for him and was perfectly legal — he made over $400,000 after sending out a few copies of the letter. He was destitute, and had been driven to this desperate solution after being hounded by bill collectors. (Somehow he could still afford his computer, modem, and e-mail account. Go figure.) And as the years have passed, other people have tacked their names and success stories onto the letter, making the document a monster of testimonials of financial empowerment and pleas that the chain not be broken.



Before you ever follow one of this “chains” or buy anything that promises to make money really easy, fast and magically , ask yourself :  “Is it Too good to be real?”

This is good example of a guy who promotes a system to make money . Do you think he is really making money of it? Well… no. He just want you to click his affiliate link so he gets paid.


In this blog post   you will find 5 “make money scams” that people still fall for

Want to get rich, but don’t have the time or energy to start a business? Or get a job at one? Don’t worry! In the era of the internet, any old dumbass can log on and make piles of cash with no effort or skill!

Tips to avoid being Scammed:
The object of any con game is to entice an unsuspecting person to part with their money or other items of value. Most con games are initiated by people who approach potential victims on the street or call them on the phone.Each person should be suspicious of ANY plan, idea, scheme, business deal, or any proposition that requires you to provide your money on short notice. The following tips are intended to improve your chances of not being a con’s next victim:
REALIZE scam artists are professionals – everyone is a potential victim.
SUSPECT all “Get Rich Fast” schemes.
SUSPECT all “Door to Door” sales solicitations.
CHECK the Better Business Bureau to see if complaints have been filed against the person or business you are considering.
ASK for references and call them.
TALK with a trusted friend or relative before making major money decisions.
BE SUSPICIOUS of high pressure sales tactics.

Need cash fast

We all require cash for our daily living, but have you ever imagined if you need cash and you do not have the source for the same, then what happens. Let me narrate you a simple example of one of my friend who wanted cash for some urgent reason but he was short of it. Read below on how he acquired it and what all he went through to get cash.

Need Cash Fast

His name is Alan, a friend of mine from a rich family, came back from NY after finishing his higher studies and joined his father’s business in CA, since he was so rich that he never wanted to do any work, despite all effort from his parents they were not able to make him realize the importance of cash.

Days and months passed away, and one day suddenly a bad news came that his father’s business went through a huge loss, for which all their savings went away, even all their assets were sold off for paying the debt and they went bankrupt. Alan’s father passed away who was not able to bear the shock of the loss he went through and left Alan and her sister along with their mother. Alan’s sister was going to give her finals the same year.

Due to the final exam and a costly college Alan’s sister was in, a huge amount was to be paid to the college authorities for the examination fees, this is when Alan realized the important of cash, but now he needed fast cash, and he knew nothing of how to get it, Alan went to all whom he knew as friends and associates but no one turned up for help. Alan was so desperate in need of cash fast.

This is when he saw an old man working in a gasoline station, he went up to him and asked the old man on why he works at that old age, to which the old man replied, son when you need cash fast then the best option is to do any job, odd job, small job anything that can fetch you some cash for your needs and that no job is small. This is when Alan realized that he should work, and he also started working in the same gas station and then in a restaurant, he even used to deliver newspaper and do baby sitting in his off time and off days to earn cash fast and thus he did.

What I wanted to make all my readers understand is you need cash fast, then you need to earn it and it is not tough to earn cash if you can work.