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I Need money for college

Some plan for the future. Some are the future. Today’s college students are the future of the nation.

 The need for money for college education now a day has become very expensive. Different types of colleges charge according to the requirements. Arts and commerce need comparatively less money where as science and technological studies require more money. The apparatus and study materials need much investment both one time and recurring. Technical studies require both technical equipments as well as sophisticated up dated periodicals, as the developments in such study is vast and only text books will not sufficient. Today with the help of internet much of the study materials can be availed. Here the problem is that to frequently refer the study material soft copies normally are not always convenient.

With the enormous surge in the need for money for college, it is advisable to search for alternate source for the same. Student education loan as exist to be modified student friendly. Availability of funds to the students should be made easier. It should be accordingly to the requirements and disbursement should also be conveniently done.

It is high time that some way out to be sourced that college students earn while studying. This can be put into practice in the technical institutes. Many models and apparatus made during the technical study period with little bit of modification can be marketed in the market which will fetch some finance to the college. Many times these sorts of models  are thrown as wastes. As newspaper sheets are recycled these models   should be either modified and sold or reused.

In case of agricultural universities, there are ample source to augment income for the college students. Group farming by the students at the campus not only imparts valuable experience to the students but also provides food and required finance. At a time when the world is experiencing shortage of edible grains, we can increase the edible grain by this way.

The arts and commerce wing can also organize paintings, accounting job work etc. while in study. Much of the paintings presently done during classroom are thrown as wastes. This should be gainfully utilized through exhibitions conducted by the colleges and the money realized can be used for the welfare of the students.

In this way students can step into the campus with ambition and step out with joy. This will further alleviate the burden on the parents and will make the students self sufficient.

I need money desperately

   When you need money and the same is not available with you, you crave desperately for it. In a day to day life need for money is immense. Man finds himself to meet both ends.

 One of the desperate needs is medical treatment for himself and the family members. The cost of medicines and hospital expenses are very high. Common man with sudden ailments finds it desperate to find treatment expenses.   The rural poor section to which I am born does not have any insurance facilities. It is high time that the Government authorities should introduce Medical Insurance for all section of people with minimum premium. When the government hospitals find it difficult to cater the needs of the vast majority of the public, private hospitals are the solace for the people, where the cost of treatment is extremely high. Unless the government agencies provide free medical treatment to the poor, there is no point in keeping the vast majority of government hospitals and staff with huge expenses. Any way common people are forced to opt for the private hospitals for treatment. Government hospitals should be accountable.

 Housing expenses are the other main desperate needs of the poor. Many houses in the rural villages are thatched and it needs yearly repairs and maintenance prior to monsoon. During the period of repair people cannot go for their daily earnings. In most cases they are not employed. This creates further hurdle on them. On the one hand they have to spend on the repair but on the other hand their daily earnings are also curtailed. This needs sizable money, for which the poor does not have any provision. The housing schemes should be accommodated in such a way that all the citizens have easy access to the same. The repayment mode should also to be rationalized.

 The other desperate need for money is to bury the deceased. Now a day burial and the post burial rituals require sufficient quantity of money. The religious customs prevalent in the community can not be deviated. The government should introduce burial assistance schemes especially economically weaker sections as is prevalent in other Western Countries.

The expenses for the marriages are always on the high. Though legal laws are prevalent dowry system is still prevalent in the community, which consumes much of one earnings. Community weddings and awareness in the community and youth will give solace to the people.

Money for entrepreneurs

    A good idea will solve a problem. A brilliant one solves a whole lot more. A person who under takes a commercial venture – an entrepreneur

“The entrepreneur is commonly seen as a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes .[1] Management skill and strong team building abilities are often perceived as essential leadership attributes[2] for successful entrepreneurs. Robert B. Reich considers leadership, management ability, and team-building as essential qualities of an entrepreneur. This concept has its origins in the work of Richard Cantillon in his Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en (1755) and Jean-Baptiste Say[3] in his Treatise on Political Economy.”

Source Wikipedia:

 needs money for his venture. The more easily he gets it the more will be his future and his business. His entire fortune depends upon the mode of finance he opts for his business.

In the normal way, money is financed to the entrepreneurs by the financial institutions or bank as the case may be. For getting the required finance one has to satisfy the formalities of the lender. In many cases many hopes of the entrepreneur is perished in the beginning itself due to the difficulty in getting the finance. His ideas and aspirations are totally destroyed and the people around him also de-motivated.

In case money is easily available to the entrepreneurs, good number of industries especially in small scale sector as well as in large sector usher in large numbers. An urge to do business supplemented with availability of money will lead to industrialization to the country and people’s manpower will be utilized to convert it into money again, which will bring wealth to the nation as well as to its people. It is a chain reaction leading to over all economic activities. Manpower otherwise lie idle in most cases can be utilized in this fashion. It is the duty of the nation to arrange money for the entrepreneurs. It will be in the interest of the nation that in stead of the entrepreneur approach for money, the nation should approach the right kind of people and enthuse them the entrepreneurship among them. By doing this the nation is doing away the unemployment and brings more purchasing power to the common man.

In many developing and developed nations funds, infrastructure etc. are arranged by the nation itself. Free power, water and other raw materials are arranged under subsidy to the new entrepreneurs. When such facilities are supplied it will boost the industrial growth which in turn augurs prosperity to the nation also. The entrepreneur with such facility makes better product at competitive rates and can even compete with other products in the market. Commodities with economic prices will attract customers in large. The entrepreneur flourishes side by side his environment and people associated with it also developed.

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