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Financial Freedom

What is life? A question that cannot be answered, or a question that can be answered. Ok, life is the most precious gift from GOD, but life is full of problems and ups and downs as well, we all have to go though it till we all perish. One most important thing that we require to live our life is finance, yes finance or money is the thing which we all require to live properly. How do we acquire this finance? Well, we all work to acquire money. But are we all financially free, financial freedom is also required so that at times when we require this money the most we are not tensed and stressed.

We all can achieve financial freedom, it is just that we should know on how to, and thus I write this article keeping in mind to educate my readers on how they can achieve financial freedom. It is easy to achieve financial freedom and again I would also like to mention that it is not that easy to achieve financial freedom.

To reach financial freedom we should learn on how to save and not over spend, today we all are habituated in using the plastic form of money for which we end up spending more than what we can pay. We should curb the requirement and first make a distinguished line between needs and desire.

Needs are those things which are required to live properly, wherein desire can be all those things which can give us a more proper way of living. We should spend on our needs keeping in mind that our needs are cut down to urgent needs only and not those of luxurious needs for luxurious needs are again desires.

We should also imbibe a habit of savings, may be it is small to start with, say we save $5 every day, will make a large amount by the end of the month and by the end of the year, and then with this saving we invest the same into some form of project which will yield us more money in a short or long term plans. We can also invest our savings to buy asset like property or gold or might be some shares and debentures of some good company.

In all the above ways mentioned – they are simple but again also tough, it is how we want them to be, so my suggestion would be not to think and start saving.

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