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Financial Help for Unemployed single mothers

  Finance, a most used word – the management of money, without which human beings needs are not fulfilled. When the finance is needed by an unemployed single mother the scope of availability is normally minimized.

Life of an ordinary unemployed single mother is miserable when on the one side she has to meet the daily financial needs and its allied problems and on the other side with little means of finance to meet the same. She has to run from pillar to post to meet her both ends, especially in a market where the prices of the daily essential items are increasing alarming. Some of the major expenses and their sources are as follows:


1. Day to day expenses

To meet the daily expenses such as baby diapers, purchasing food items for the family members, paying phone bills as well as electricity charges, paying the fuel cost, medical expenses etc., she has to try hard to meet the expenses. Even though one manages efficiently, at the end, one will run out of funds to meet the expenses.

It is at this juncture the Government Grant will come a long way in the life of the unemployed single mother. Different states have got various programs to assist the needy. Only one has to meet the authorities and understand the details and fulfill.

There are certain grants available for unemployed single mothers, who have children below the age of five. In some cases they will provide you with coupons of food items for the children and also to cover the expenses of health care. In certain other cases they will provide you with cash each month for the daily use for the daily expenses up to a certain period.

2. Housing Loan

Housing Loan is another primary and essential requirement by an unemployed single mother. In many cases she would like to move from the big establishments to a small house mainly to curtail the budget as other wise she has to maintain the big establishment with its recurring high cost. By this way she can save some finance which can be utilized for her other urgent expenses.

While applying for a housing loan the important thing that is needed is a credit card with good credit record. In many cases the credit record will be disturbed immediately after divorce or separation etc., as many women allow their husbands to apply for credit while married and have never taken care to build up the credit records for their cards. It is highly important that the unemployed single mother should apply a credit card from one of the reputed credit companies. Once the card is allotted, care should be taken to make successful small purchases and ensure their immediate pay off. This will automatically improve your credit score.

While applying for the housing loan as an unemployed single mother proper care should be taken to go through all the terms and conditions prior to fill up the necessary information and its verification. For example one should provide proof of income, the scope of ones seeking an employment in future to ensure steady income etc. When all these are done with utmost care, there is no bar that your loan will fetch the approval and you are relieved off the housing problem on the one hand and minimize the establishment cost on the other side.

3. Mortgage Loans

If at all you decide to purchase your first home, assistance is also available from the Federal Housing Association, FHA for mortgage. This program is great solace for unemployed single mothers who are having low credit score. The FHA requires only a 3.5% down payment as well. It is also possible to have someone co-sign if necessary. When one uses the Federal Housing Association for mortgage, the advantage is the low interest rate as well as low payments. This will give you ample time to manage your costs well in advance and you need not have to worry.

4. Car Loans

For an unemployed single mother transportation is a really problem for her to move alone. Under this circumstances car loans is the real option for her. There are many places, who offer loan facilities with low rates. Many companies offer purchase of used cars where the financial implications are much less and they will also allow you to purchase cars without any down payment.

It is utmost important that prior to filling up the documents proper care should be taken to read thoroughly and see that there are no hidden terms that may be detrimental in future, as an unemployed mother you yourself is responsible for all commitments and nobody will come to help you.

 The above are some of the immediate sources and remedies. There are even more financial helps that are available. One should look carefully and choose wisely.

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