I need help with my bills

A year back, I was all in debt, I needed money, debt so much that this debt can become my grave yard, well what I meant was I was all buried in my debt, so much that even my essential bills were all going due, with warnings form the various departments that if am not able to pay them off then my essential services would be stopped.

To worsen the situation I had my ailing mom in home whose grants were all used up and her social was not paying off that much so as her medicines can be purchased in full. I was bearing all this with a headache of how to come out of this, when while reading a newspaper one day, a very typical advertisement stuck my eyes. The newspaper advertisement said – come to me and I would take care of your bills.

Thou very absurd kind of advertisement but since I had no other choice or option, I went for it, met the person, now this man was a filthy rich guy with tons of money in his hand and in his bank account, might be he was a millionaire or more than that. When I met him he looked at me and said well young man, I can take care of your bills for your life time, but you have to answer a question for me.

I thought this to be a very easy task and smiled inside thinking what kind of a fool this guy was, but to my shock when the question came to me, I was all bewildered. The man asked answer me young man, what is life?

What is life? The question still rotates my mind, well to be frank I thought now am going to live in poverty for sure, but yet since I was there I answered him back after sipping a little water from the glass in front of me.

I said – Sir, life is the ultimate gift from GOD, it teaches you to be rude, kind, it teaches you how to hate and how to love and care for someone, it teaches you everything, it shows you the tough days and the golden moments. It was just I had been finishing my answer when the man called up his accountant and said all this young man’s bills are mine for life time.

This is how I got help to pay off all my bills and debts as well, this old gentleman also gave me a high salaried job in his own company, and I have never looked back from that time.

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