I need money desperately

   When you need money and the same is not available with you, you crave desperately for it. In a day to day life need for money is immense. Man finds himself to meet both ends.

 One of the desperate needs is medical treatment for himself and the family members. The cost of medicines and hospital expenses are very high. Common man with sudden ailments finds it desperate to find treatment expenses.   The rural poor section to which I am born does not have any insurance facilities. It is high time that the Government authorities should introduce Medical Insurance for all section of people with minimum premium. When the government hospitals find it difficult to cater the needs of the vast majority of the public, private hospitals are the solace for the people, where the cost of treatment is extremely high. Unless the government agencies provide free medical treatment to the poor, there is no point in keeping the vast majority of government hospitals and staff with huge expenses. Any way common people are forced to opt for the private hospitals for treatment. Government hospitals should be accountable.

 Housing expenses are the other main desperate needs of the poor. Many houses in the rural villages are thatched and it needs yearly repairs and maintenance prior to monsoon. During the period of repair people cannot go for their daily earnings. In most cases they are not employed. This creates further hurdle on them. On the one hand they have to spend on the repair but on the other hand their daily earnings are also curtailed. This needs sizable money, for which the poor does not have any provision. The housing schemes should be accommodated in such a way that all the citizens have easy access to the same. The repayment mode should also to be rationalized.

 The other desperate need for money is to bury the deceased. Now a day burial and the post burial rituals require sufficient quantity of money. The religious customs prevalent in the community can not be deviated. The government should introduce burial assistance schemes especially economically weaker sections as is prevalent in other Western Countries.

The expenses for the marriages are always on the high. Though legal laws are prevalent dowry system is still prevalent in the community, which consumes much of one earnings. Community weddings and awareness in the community and youth will give solace to the people.

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