Need help with rent

I need help with rent

It has been a year almost since I do not have any job. My ancestral home was sold off due to shortage of money. We all went to a new rented flat. Since the rent was high initial with the money procured from selling off the ancestral home helped us in paying the rent, but gradually with no job to earn income things were worsening.

My bills were going high and due every month, it was now that the collection guys were pestering me every now and then, with no place for me to hide. I was in total debt and money scare even to pay off my rent. I needed help with rent!  The landlord already gave me two warnings for the same for not only his money but also his utility bills were not paid by me and all ran due, for which he could have got a disconnection of his emergency services like water and electricity.

I was searching job like a hungry tiger so as to save my soul, but all in vain went away like the autumn season which comes and goes away so quickly that you cannot even enjoy the sunset properly. While hopping from one door to another of different big and small companies, I happened to meet one of my long lost friends. He came to me as if he was sent to me from heaven with a ray of light with hope that this is not the end.

When he heard about my blizzard situation, he readily came up with a solution, he gave me around $5000 to pay off my dues and rent and also asked me to forward my resume to him, which I did and he got me a good white collar job, since I was educated and had an MBA degree to support myself, it was like a piece of cake for my friend.

What I learnt is money is required to live, but again one should save money and should always stick to a job.

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